What’s the Truth About Swine ‘Flu?

TissuesI haven’t yet met anyone who has had swine ‘flu and I don’t want it of course. When I last called at our surgery, I found that we had to disinfect our hands before entry and inside the waiting room all the magazines had been removed as a precaution. As I sat there twiddling my thumbs I looked around, wondering if anyone there had it? I asked our doctor, but he was very laid back and implied there was an overreaction in the media. A friend of mine up country emailed me and jokingly started off ‘I’ve got it’ but he meant something else!

The media is our main source of information, but we hear conflicting accounts. Some of the newspaper headlines seemed to be designed to foster panic and anxiety. “800 could die daily!” and “It will return in the autumn with a vengeance!” and “Vaccines may not be available in time!” Official government releases have been more reassuring, “No more should die than in a normal ‘flu outbreak.!” But hey this is summer! Or, “for most it will be only a mild form, except that those with underlying health problems could be more at risk.” That would be a fair percentage of the population surely? The official term used is ‘pandemic ‘flu’ which I suppose doesn’t sound so nasty?

I’ve heard reactions ranging from the almost blase  – at least on the surface – “It’s around our area all right, but so what?” even to some who are staying at home and only venturing out for absolute essentials. It’s obviously wise and prudent to take sensible precautions, but what is really happening and what is the truth?

I doubt whether the medical experts really know how it will develop, as we are in unknown territory and that can be scary in itself.  They will keep us posted I’m sure, but are we anxious? I am aware this is what the Enemy (the opposite to God: ie: the devil) would have us be. He will use whatever he can to spread fear, whether it’s terrorism, financial meltdown or environmental disasters, all of which are on the increase. He knows that if plague does not make us ill, then fear certainly has the potential to finish us off.

I don’t believe you can defeat fear with anti-viral’s, financial gymnastics, military might or border controls, necessary as they may be. The only real way I know is through the opposite of fear, which is love, the love of God. This is the time for us to be absolutely assured that we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and are grounded in a heart knowledge of His love.

In Him we have absolute protection, which doesn’t come by looking around us, but by believing what God tells us in His Word. We may not have absolute immunity, but if we put our trust in God we will be safe, because He is safe.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18 New International Version


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One response to “What’s the Truth About Swine ‘Flu?

  1. My daughter (in Greece) had it, but is better now. It certainly seems to be mainly media hype. They don’t report deaths from ordinary flu — why not?

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