Of Desires and Dreams

I had a long telephone conversation with a friend the other evening. At one point I asked him what he would really like to happen before he died. I hasten to add that he certainly is in no danger of passing on, but I thought it would sharpen things up. Without hesitation he replied that he would like to be at peace with himself. This naturally brought God into the conversation. He then reversed things and asked me the same question. I had to stop and think.

Years ago, my wife and I made our list and over the coming days refined it and checked it out with God. It consisted of our desires and dreams, that we believed He had given us. We then surrendered them to God and kept them close to our hearts.

Several of those items have since come to fruition, like wanting to see our children’s children – we now have five delightful grandchildren. Of the items that remain, there are at least a couple that stand out:

I long to see my wife healed. This has been the subject of hours – if not desperate – prayers over the years and many times I have received His personal promise that He will do just that. I have of course to surrender this to God, believing He will do what He has promised, in His way and in His time.

The next one is a real ‘biggy’ and although I don’t wish to go into the details right now, I can say that it is widespread and will involve others. At the present time in our life it seems far away, but I am encouraged by two things:

Everything in our life so far, the joys, struggles and hard times and the way God seems to be leading us, I am sure is preparing us for this. We believe every ounce of our experiences over the years will be used. Secondly, we believe in a God of the impossible. We don’t understand His ways, but we know He comes up with solutions that we could not have even thought of.  In the meantime we do all we can to stay close to Him in obedience and follow any prompts we are given. We also try to avoid diversions by way of activities that may be good in themselves, but do not fit in with the way we believe we are heading.

God sees the big picture. He is the Great Architect. All we have to do is follow what we believe He has given us. He knows what the future holds and it will all fit together when the time comes. To follow our dreams may seem risky, but I don’t think I could live with the regret of having done nothing, when it’s too late.


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