Ring In the New

New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions, something I am never quite sure of. To be effective and lasting they have to be more than promises or good intentions. I prefer to see it as making a new start; a letting go of the old year and ringing in the new.

This is particularly relevant to me, as the three months up to Christmas were very difficult and painful. In October I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and was catapulted  into a world of hospitals, drugs and explorations, with troublesome infections and weakening side effects. On top of this I experienced a relapse in some long-forgotten chronic fatigue symptoms. However, as is usual when I find I’m in a tight corner, I reached out to God for understanding and had His promise to take me through and that ‘all would be well!’ The condition? That I put my whole trust in Him.

I am now emerging, rather like a butterfly from a chrysalis, resting before moving forward. I have spent time with Father, letting go of that time, including all the pain and discomfort and making sure I am not clinging onto the old. It’s now behind me and I can even give myself a pat on the back for coping with it and learn from the experience. It has been God of course, who at times quite amazingly, has brought me through so far. This leaves me feeling very thankful for such a faithful God.

The journey continues, with more battles and unexpected joys. Not looking back and putting my trust in Him.

I was so battered during that period, that I couldn’t put my mind to writing, but hopefully I am now getting back into the flow.



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2 responses to “Ring In the New

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  2. I hope that this new year brings you healing. May 2009 bring you joy, peace, and hope.

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