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Going to Town

We live by the sea in Cornwall. Our village may be small, but it’s a ‘proper’ little village, complete with a grocery store and post office, inn with panoramic sea views, church, primary school, village hall, coffee shop, restaurant and visiting mobile bank and library. The nearest town is ten miles away and the city, to which many commute, is a twenty mile drive.

Just above our home, no more than 250 yards from the shops, there used to live a delightful couple in their nineties. Continue reading



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Ring In the New

New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions, something I am never quite sure of. To be effective and lasting they have to be more than promises or good intentions. I prefer to see it as making a new start; a letting go of the old year and ringing in the new.

This is particularly relevant to me, as the three months up to Christmas were very difficult and painful. Continue reading


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