Does God Heal Chronic Fatigue?

tn_dove.jpgDivine Healing has been the subject of many books, periodicals, journals and essays and written from the whole gamut of viewpoints. I am not even attempting to go into this, I leave that to the theologians and biblical scholars. But with my wife suffering from an incurable chronic illness and then I am diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome – CFS/ME/CFIDS – with no complete medical cure, it sharpens things up and makes things much more personal. With my ‘back to the wall’ I have been desperate for answers and I looked to God for the solution.

I’ve been a Christian for many years. For some of the time I have struggled and have even been rebellious, especially in situations where it felt like I was being dragged by my hair through a hedge backwards. Even so, I have long believed in a God who heals. The Bible tells me so and this has been born out by what I have seen for myself. I have witnessed others being healed instantly and also experienced minor and gradual examples within our family.

I have long believed that healing was all part of the ‘salvation package.’ But I came to accept that you can’t receive the gift without receiving the Giver, and He has an interest in the whole of me – body, soul and spirit – He doesn’t split me up into compartments. I would love an immediate miraculous release and have been prayed for a number of times, but I believe that on the whole it is a gradual process, a journey of love. Right from the start, once I had tasted that love, I longed for more, it was something I needed. However, even though it comes without price, it costs and takes all I have.

If there was some wonder pill or food that I could take for an instant cure, I would probably be the first in line for it. I’ve always been the one to look for the quick escape. But circumstances have forced me to go ‘through’ and not hide from the difficult issues, emotional pain and troublesome memories long swept under the carpet where they fester away. As I have learned to face these things with Father, I have realised a greater degree of personal freedom and gradual emotional and physical healing.

I feel that many physical illnesses, especially auto-immune conditions like chronic fatigue can have an emotional and spiritual root cause and dealing with these is at least part of the solution. This doesn’t mean that I discount lifestyle issues, eating sensibly and carefully or even taking vitamin supplements. I have tried following a rigid diet regime, but this did not show results and tended to take over my life. Anything that can threaten to take over the love relationship that I am totally committed to, I am wary of.

So I am on the way and I am changing. I just cannot tell God how or when He is to heal me of course. If Jesus can restore a man’s hearing by spitting on his tongue and another’s sight by rubbing mud in his eyes, I need to be open to what He sends my way. I am expectant for more, much more. Some of the symptoms have gone and I am stronger. I still long to be fully healed, whatever that means, but I trust Father who knows what he is doing. I have a greater longing that has become my life.



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4 responses to “Does God Heal Chronic Fatigue?

  1. gothiquefae

    Thank you, this has been a philosophy (if you will) that I have encountered before (the whole healing thing) and I used to believe that if a person wasn’t healed it was their own fault. How wrong I was. I then went onto the opposite side of the fence (so to speak) and chose not to believe in it at all. Also not the right way to go.
    However I believe you have hit the nail on the head, God is the Healer, but we cannot choose when or where He will do so —- that’s on Him. And aren’t you glad that He is such a good decision maker 😉

  2. greatdaneservicedog

    I hear you! I’ve wanted so badly to have the physical restrictions of FMS/CFIDS taken away so I could ignore the spritiual restrictions selfishness and sin had placed on me. But God won’t let me off the hook! He loves me too much.
    Suffering is a catalyst for wisdom, and my years of struggle have radically changed me inside. I don’t like being sickly and weak, but now I can see a reason for God allowing it. His strength is made perfect in my weakness…

  3. Pips

    Im 21. This is my 4th year with CFS. I love Jesus. Sometime i get angry at my situation and fustrated at God.God: why I am the way i am? Why can’t i do things like a normal girl my age!? Will I ever be normal again?
    Four years is a learning curb. I wish I could see the end. I would love to get my nursing degree…but i may have to stop completely now.
    But what is more important then a degree, then achievements, then playing sports or dancing with friends late into the night… is JESUS.
    In the end, He is all i have.
    He said the two most important things to do while in earth are loving Jesus and loving other people. So that’s all i need to do. In sickness and in health.
    I find it hard to remember that. It’s a struggle. But the Lord is with us and gives us air to breath.

  4. wayfarerjon

    I really feel for you in your situation, because I have been there and know what it’s like. You say that Jesus is the most important things are loving Jesus and loving other people and that is brilliant. There is something more important though! In Jesus we have healing, but I believe that CFS is not essentially about an illness but about you as a precious individual. The most important thing is entering into that heart knowledge of Jesus loving us and that will change and heal us and spin off to others. I believe as you are real with Jesus He will be real with you. As you let go of what you cannot do at the moment He will take you through to the new you. I know it’s hard, particularly at your age, but the positive aspect you wil have discovered something many Christians never do and you will have you whole life ahead of you.


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