Gifts Rediscovered

tn_quay-large.jpgWhen I was slowed right down with fatigue, there were activities that brought me real satisfaction that I didn’t have the strength to do any more.

I had to let them go and find new things. One of those was the rediscovery of my gift of painting.

I had two art teachers at school and they both put me off. In junior school I accidentally tipped over my water pot and the teacher caned me in front of the whole class. In the next school the art master was a tyrant and intimidated us rather than encouraged. This left me believing I just could not do art.

It was years later when a colleague and I attended an evening class for portraiture in oils, that my eyes were opened. Our tutor was not just a good artist, he tuned in with us and was very encouraging. He told me that I had taken to painting “like a duck to water!”

Painting was put on hold for a few years because of family, work pressures and general busyness, until I looked in at a local art gallery. I was fascinated by the landscapes on show and thought to myself “I could do that!” I had a go and I did. Eventually I even exhibited at the same gallery.

The painting above was a first for several reasons. The first time I’d done inland water or boats or architecture. It was too big for our home – it’s four feet long – so it’s now hanging in our local hospital.

This probably wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement or without the illness.


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  1. It is beautiful – I only wish I could see it up close. I love to paint also, but I don’t have your talent.

    Take care ~Michelle 😉

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