Where Do I Go From Here?

I returnedtn_where-do-we-go-from-here.jpg from the doctor’s feeling I had been given a prison sentence. Apart from the usual childhood illnesses and the occasional cold, I had never known illness before. Now I was told I had a chronic illness and I had questions.

I flicked through the thin leaflet concerning M.E. and chronic fatigue, I had been given at the surgery. It didn’t seem to be much help, but I phoned a helpline number they gave. The helper the other end went straight into her spiel, saying it’s not all doom and gloom and I could even get married and had I applied for disability benefit. After several minutes I thanked her, excused myself and rang off. I’m sure it’s a help to some, but not for me.

Slowly, bit by bit I gathered together tidbits of information and trawled the internet. There were masses of websites concerning every kind of wonder diet, but I did find some advice on how to cope practically, which was helpful. Uppermost in my mind at that stage though, was to get out of the situation. I wanted a cure, but that didn’t seem to be on the cards.

There were several people locally, who I knew had the illness long term. They had developed there own way of coping within the considerable restriction. I spoke with two Christian friends who were in recovery from M.E.. I wasn’t over encouraged by the fact they’d suffered the illness for a number of years, but they were both prayerful people and I valued their input.

What was becoming clear to me, was that no two people are the same and it is more about you than the illness. The way forward was going to be tailor-made for me. More than anything I wanted to know what God was saying to me about it. So started a journey of discovery.


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